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ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park specializes in laboratory testing services for businesses and individuals in Lenexa, Leawood, Shawnee, Mission, Olathe, Overland Park, and the surrounding areas. When you need lab tests for personal or professional reasons, there’s no need to cross the state line — we offer quality, affordable, and accurate testing in Johnson County, Kansas.

Visit our accessible, convenient location, just off of 435 East on Metcalf, to receive the confidential answers you seek. Settle legal disputes with DNA testing; see if your teenager or employee is under the influence with drug testing; monitor your health with clinical lab tests to measure cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and more! We are a comprehensive laboratory offering a wide range of affordable services, none of which require an appointment, insurance, or a doctor’s orders. Visit ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park and receive the testing you desire without the hassle of a high co-pay or the long time spent in a germy waiting room.


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Drug & Alcohol Testing in Johnson County, KS

Drug and alcohol abuse affects communities across the Kansas City metropolitan area, including Kansas suburbs like Leawood, Shawnee, Overland Park, Olathe, Mission, and Lenexa. Whether you suspect your teen of drug use, are worried about a friend’s alcoholism, or want to conduct pre-employment, post-accident, or random on-site drug testing, ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park is an expert partner for drug and alcohol testing in Johnson County, KS.

DOT Testing

If you are in the transportation industry, complying with DOT testing guidelines is essential. ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park can carry out DOT-regulated drug testing procedures for any company, large or small, including consortium assignments.

Alcohol Testing

Concerned about an employee drinking on the job or a friend or family member’s alcohol abuse? We offer alcohol testing to accurately determine BAC levels. Our services include mobile and on-site testing.

Standard Drug Testing Panels

ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park offers a variety of standard drug testing panels to determine if your employees, teens, or other loved ones are using commonly-abused drugs, including heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. We even offer prescription drug testing.

Synthetic Drug Testing Panels

Highly dangerous yet technically legal, synthetic drugs can’t be detected with a standard drug test. We offer synthetic drug testing that covers popular synthetics like “bath salts,” “K2,” and “spice.”

Hair Testing & Fingernail Testing

We offer standard urine tests for our drug testing, but can also perform hair and fingernail testing. These alternatives can provide accurate data about more long-term drug use, which is ideal for Johnson County business owners.

Employment Screenings at ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park

Let ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park simplify your hiring process! We offer assistance with employment screenings, including:

  • Background testing, including criminal records, driving records, and credit histories

  • Pre-employment drug testing at our clean, comfortable facility

  • On-site drug testing at your office

DNA & Paternity Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park

With DNA testing at ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park, you can easily learn all about your genes, all without leaving eastern Kansas. We provide reliable, confidential DNA testing, including paternity testing, immigration DNA testing, and forensic DNA services. We are familiar with chain of custody requirements and all work is conducted at an AABB-accredited lab, so you can trust that your DNA testing results will be court admissible.

Lab Testing from ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park

You don’t have to go to a clinic or doctor’s office to receive the clinical lab testing you need to monitor your health. ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park offers an extensive array of blood tests that will help you and your physician identify issues with your health.

Choose from our Heart Health Lab Testing Panels, Female/Male Health Lab Panels, Allergy Testing and a broad spectrum of Clinical Blood Tests (Cholesterol, Glucose, Thyroid, Kidney, Liver, Hormones, PSA, Testosterone, etc.) The lab tests conducted at our walk-in facility are the same standard blood work and wellness tests you might receive at your doctor’s office or clinic, but they’re available to you at a fraction of the cost!

For reliable, affordable testing in Johnson County, visit ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park! Call (913) 815-0988 or contact us today to learn more about our testing services for businesses and individuals.