Allergy Testing

Allergy is a growing problem in the United States. Individuals suffer from food and environmental allergies at rapidly growing rates, not to mention having issues related to food intolerances and sensitivities.

Allergy TestingAllergies occur when a person’s immune system detects a “foreign invader” entering the body. From grains and dog hair to wasp stings and flower pollen, there are a number of substances and environmental elements that can trigger diverse “allergic reactions” in different people. In other words, what might be safe for one individual could possibly even be deadly for another.

Allergies are grouped by the kinds of triggers that bring symptoms on, the time of year and where symptoms appear on the body. Types of allergies include: indoor and outdoor (also called “hay fever,” “seasonal,” “perennial” or “nasal”), food, latex, insect, skin and eye.

Although there is not a common “cure” for allergies, many symptoms can be managed and issues can avoided. Determining what’s causing the allergic reaction is the first step in managing allergies. Many people suffer from allergies and can and do live healthy and active lives.

Reactions can range from simple skin rashes, sneezing, and watery eyes to more severe conditions like anaphylactic shock and even death. Food allergies, sensitivities or intolerances are often not even detected as a problem by an outward, visible sign. Continued consumption of the foods that are causing issues (cell inflammation), can manifest as another illness.

If you’re experiencing unexplained discomfort, seasonal allergy symptoms, or more severe allergic reactions, you need quick and accurate allergy testing to identify your condition and to develop a treatment plan with your physician. To discover more about allergy options that we offer, please click on the link above or below.

Affordable, Accurate Allergy Testing

Allergy testing doesn’t have to come at high prices. ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park provides accurate and affordable testing for foods, grasses, molds, and other environmental/seasonal allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.

You can take charge of your own health and get allergy testing without visiting the hospital or clinic. Our reliable results will be delivered directly to you — no insurance or doctor’s order is required. Because we value transparency, you’ll know the costs of our allergy testing up front, with no unexpected fees.

Get Allergy Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park

ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park offers sophisticated allergy testing that can determine what is causing discomfort and your reaction. Food intolerances and sensitivities often are not readily noticeable but can have profound impact on your health. To schedule an appointment for allergy testing, please contact ARCpoint Labs of Overland Park today.

We always recommend that you speak with your physician when receiving treatment for allergies based upon your positive allergy test results. We provide multiple allergy panels/profiles and tests at our nationwide labs, presented to enable you to meet your exacting needs. Simply click below to begin your search for panels and profiles that may help you today.